Respected Canadian cardiology journal now suspect

The Ottawa Citizen recently published a story exposing the predatory practises of the journal: “Experimental and clinical cardiology”.  Until 2013, this very respected journal was published in Canada.  However, it was sold last year and according to the Citizen is now a ‘predatory’ publication.  Predatory journals will publish anything for a fee.  According to this article, anything published in this journal after 2013 is highly suspect.

Library to host Walk-in Webinars: First screening July 30th!

Keep your eyes peeled on the SMH Intranet Events page as the Health Sciences Library will now be hosting a series of Walk-in Webinars.

Our first Walk-in Webinar screening will be held on July 30th, from 2:00-3:15pm in collaboration with the Patient and Family Education Program.

The Current State of Patient and Family Engagement Strategies in American Hospitals will be held in the LKSKI 353 Computer Lab. Popcorn will be provided.

For more information, click on the PDF below.

featurewebinarClick for PDF: featurewebinar





BMJ Quality Improvement Reports: a unique repository worth checking out

Scholarly literature is not always a good fit for sharing the results of quality improvement (QI) projects. For example, QI methods – while useful and valid in their own way – may not meet the methodological requirements for scholarly publication. In addition the publishing process can take a long time, delaying the spread of information.

Since 2012 BMJ Publishing has published BMJ Quality Improvement Reports, a searchable repository of QI reports on a variety of topics that undergo a “light touch” peer review process¹. The most recent reports include:

If you are curious about QI projects that have been completed at other hospitals around the world, try out BMJ Quality Improvement Reports!



¹All reports are available online at no cost, but publication is limited to subscribers of BMJ’s product “BMJ Quality”.

Free Trial of Northern Light – Try it Today!



The Health Sciences Library has recently begun a trial of the Northern Light Life Sciences Conference Abstracts database.

Northern Light’s collection provides a treasure trove of life sciences research information, often several years before that information is published in industry or academic journals. Search the full-text index of:

  • More than 1,200,000 abstracts and posters
  • From 1,600 life sciences industry conferences (2010-present)

Early data in grey literature such as this is critical to researchers conducting systematic reviews.

Try Northern Light today and email the Health Sciences Library to tell us what you think! Trial period ends Saturday, July 26th.

Link to Northern Light: